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Alpacas as an Investment

It is no secret that many people have been attracted to alpacas because of the value of the fleece and the promising investment potential due to the high market demand and low supply of alpacas. There are only about 80,000 alpacas in the United States. Because of their limited numbers, the value of alpacas is not likely to decline in the near future. Since a female alpaca averages only one cria (baby) per year, the population growth of alpacas is constrained by basic biology. In addition, the registration of alpacas is now closed to imports so that domestic breeders are protected from large numbers of imported alpacas coming in from other countries and flooding the market.

Alpacas can be expensive, particularly those champion herdsires who command huge prices at auction. However, there are a wide range of options in the alpaca market. For those who are not interested in breeding and want to obtain a few pet quality animals for fleece or companions, the cost is quite reasonable.

Before purchasing an alpaca, make sure it is registered through the Alpaca Registry. Registration of all alpacas is very important. Alpacas are blood typed to insure the accuracy of breeding records, to provide absolute identification and documentation of bloodlines, and to protect ownership.

Warren holding alpaca cria

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