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Meet the Herd

Our herd has now numbers 24. We have diversified our genetics through the acquisition of several notable full Peruvian herdsires.

We have crossed alpacas of Peruvian ancestry with Chileans to produce excellent fleece in a diverse array of colors. We have bred for conformation, superior quality fleece and disposition. Our animals are all handled on a daily basis. They are friendly and fun. If you are interested in buying alpacas, please see our sales list for more information.

All our alpacas are registered with the Alpaca Registry.

BSF Federico
ARI #1377080
DOB: 5/13/05 – 8/12/19


A true black son of Calypsa, Federico won several ribbons in the show ring including a 3rd at MAPACA and Best Dark Male at the 2006 ABC Show in Maryland and Reserve Champion at the AFCNA National Fleece Show and Color Fleece Champion at Mapaca. He had four crias on the ground: one boy and three girls.

BSF Brittany (on the right)
ARI #827048
DOB: 11/25/01


Daughter of our Midnight, sired by FMF’s Dust Commander, this stunning young lady with her silver gray fleece is a favorite with everyone. Last year she gave birth to a beautiful silver gray boy named Gilbert. All her crias have been gray! She has had two male crias and a lovely true black girl

BSF Florence (on the left)
ARI #1357073
DOB: 11/2/05


Tall and stately, Florence is Midnight’s daughter. She was sired by Briarose Atticus, a true black son of out of the famous Peruvian Macusani and has Atticus’ friendly personality. She is true black, but carries a lot of gray in her genes. She had a fine female cria, Jolene, out of Federico.

BSF Jolene
ARI #31572378 
DOB: 4/18/09


Jolene is our first Federico daughter. Unlike her dam, who is the largest female in our herd, she is petite and squarely built like Federico.

BSF Jocelyn
ARI #31572385
DOB: 4/25/09


Big-boned, beige, and beautiful. Jocelyn was a veritable moose at birth, weighing in at 25 lbs. She definitely inherited her sire’s color and fleece characteristics. Jocelyn’s fleece is already dense and crimpy with an incredible staple length. She has won many ribbons for her fleece and conformation.

BSF Jubilant Janis
ARI #31572392
DOB: 9/24/2009

Jubilant Janis

This girl is an eye-catcher. Her black fleece is now a salt & pepper gray like her sire. She is one of the densest true blacks in our herd. Her dam is a big boned ray with fine fleece. Her sire, Classic Black Night, is a compact full Peruvian out of two grays, so she will probably throw gray. She has soft, fleece that is a delight to spin. We think she would make an excellent foundation female for a black & gray breeding focus. She is ready to breed and sells with a future free breeding to any of our herdsires. Janis is Brittany’s very first girl and her first true black cria. She is a Classic Black Night daughter and is now turning slowly gray like him.

BSF Juniper
ARI #31572347


Juniper is almost an exact replica of her sister, Inca Moon. Her coloring is more rose gray than silver gray, but she has the same white face and tuxedo markings and impeccable conformation as her sire, Eduardo, and her sister.

WGA Royal Black Velvet
ARI #30033377
DOB: 5/22/05

Royal Black Velvet

Daughter of the famous Peruvian Axion Jackson and granddaughter of Dom Lucilio, Velvet has fleece just like her name, soft and velvety. She has given us three female crias so far: one true black and two dark rose gray.

Con’s Superstition
ARI #31149150
DOB: 6/13/08

Con's Superstition

We wanted a white female to round out the colors in our herd so we bought Superstition. She is a sweet girl with fantastic fleece. She is a Snowmaster granddaughter out of Condornar and gave us a fine male out of Nevada.

Miss Katie
ARI #824865
DOB: 10/25/00

Miss Katie

Miss Katie is a lovely medium silver gray girl with very dark markings. She half Chilean and half Peruvian and a Timoteo granddaughter. She has had four female crias: two silver gray, one bay black and one light fawn. She has also had two silver gray male crias.

Classic Black Night
ARI #844349
DOB: 10/27/02 – 5/11/19

Classic Black Night

Classic Black Night was a full Peruvian true black son of the legendary Magical Farms’ Silvio and grandson of Dom Timbo, both stunning gray males. His dam, Dom Timbo’s Peruvian Ariosa, is a gray color champion and blue ribbon winner at AOBA Nationals. His fleece was extremely fine with an AFD of just 22.6 at age four. He had ten crias on the ground, all black or gray.

Regalo Gold of Genesis
ARI #1187939
DOB: 9/9/04

Regalo Gold Genesis

A full Peruvian grandson of the famous Snowmaster and 4P Legacy on his dam’s side, Regalo is a lovely dark fawn color with red highlights and lighter vicuna coloring on his legs and belly. He has produced a lovely female cria and a fine male Sgt. Frankie.

Chilipepper’s Nevada
ARI #833421
DOB: 11/23/01 – 6/9/19

Chilipepper’s Nevada

Born in Colorado, this full Peruvian boy was a proven stud with one female cria and most recently a male named Mighty Moxie, on the ground. He had a fabulous white fleece that is both dense and extremely fine. He had a nice compact frame and sweet disposition.

Painted Spring Impressario de Peru (a.k.a.Preston)
ARI #30606104
DOB: 11/26/07


Preston is very handsome full Peruvian white male out of El Nino’s Accoyo Iago. His fleece is very dense and fine, just 20 microns at 2 years of age. We think he will make a fine herdsire and add some interesting genetics to any herd. He won several blue ribbons as a juvi at shows in PA.

Dream Weaver CA 563
ARI #30423367
DOB: 10/26/06

Dream Weaver

Weaver is a very jocular and animated young white male. Always the first one to the fence, he is our PR boy and farm greeter. He is ¾ Peruvian and ½ Accoyo out of the El Moustachio and Emilio lines. He has never been shown.

BSF Lord Irving
ARI #30457027
DOB: 9/1/08

Lord Irving

He is a medium silver gray like his dam, Brittany. Like his sire, Classic Black Night, he has very soft and dense fleece and impeccable conformation. He has taken ribbons at MAPACA and New Jersey Classic shows.

BSF Kensington
ARI #31503624
DOB: 5/3/10


Kensington is a gorgeous silver gray boy. He is conformationally correct with excellent proportions. He has incredible; dense, crimpy, and fine with consistent coloring. He has inherited his 7x champion sire Blu’s fleece. He has earned a 3rd place and 4th place ribbon at MAPACA in 2011 and 2013. We think he has tremendous herdsire potential.

BSF Mighty Moxie
ARI #31572507
DOB: 9/7/12

Mighty Moxie

Moxie is relatively small and compact like his father, our fill Peruvian Nevada. He has solid genetics on his dam’s side out of Snowmass Condornar and Acero Marka’s Rockamundo. As he has matured he has grown into a fine solid boy with excellent fleece. He would make a great fiber boy or possibly a nice herdsire. He is friendly and amusing with his habit of climbing up on the fence to get a closer look at visitors.

BSF Ilene
ARI #30457010
DOB: 10/23/2008


Illene is a light brown color with lovely fleece as a result of the pairing of her dam, a Virtual daughter, and her Accoyo sire, Calypsa. She has a bundling and structure even in her cria fleece which was an amazing 16 microns.

SHRA Calypsa
ARI #819705
DOB: 2/24/00 – 10/18/12


Full Accoyo and blue ribbon winner at the 2001 AOBA show in Portland, SHRA Calypsa came from Starhill Ranch in California. SOn of Peruvian Caligula on this dam’s side. In his lifetime, he won first and second place ribbons in all the Spin-offs he entered: AOBA Nationals, F2F, the AWE, and OABA. With 28 colorful award-winning crias of every color (including white, beige, fawn, brown, black, rose gray, and silver gray, he was a truly notable herdsire. He was one of those rare Accoyos that product color!

BSF Chilton
ARI #836398
DOB 5/1/02 – 2/1/19


Chilton was one of our first born crias. He had excellent conformation and superb fleece. Like his sister Brittany, he was a medium silver gray reflecting the coloring of his sire, FMF’s Dust Commander. He produced two female crias–a lovely silver gray out of a gray dam and a black girl, Helema, out of our black Royal Velvet.

BSF Eduardo
ARI #1436259
DOB: 10/17/04 – 8/29/13


Eduardo was a truly exceptional herdsire. He ribboned in every show he entered, taking third place at MAPACA for two years, a second at PAOBA and at the Vermont and Coastal Classic shows. He had a stunning gray color, regal carriage, and handsome head. Sired by Calypsa, he inherited the density and fineness of his father’s fabulous fleece. He sired a total of seven crias, five boys and two girls

Black as Midnight
ARI #806924
DOB: 9/21/98 – 9/21/15

Black as Midnight

A daughter of Caballero Andante and matriarch of our herd, this remarkable jet-black lady gave us seven beautiful crias: a silver gray girl and boy, plus five true black girls. She was one of our foundation females and lived a long productive life, dying at age 17.

BSF Intrepid Spirit
ARI #31572361
DOB: 12/08/08 – 11/5/18

Intrepid Spirit

Intrepid Spirit was another stunning gray boy out of Eduardo. He got his name as a result of his battle with the elements on his birthday, one of the coldest days of the year. He was very sweet. He had very fine fleece and took a first place at the New Jersey Classic Show.